The Conjuror’s Magazine, 1: 8 (March 1792) p.342.





THE Spring Ascendant of 1788, was Scorpio 13°, now it is Scorpio 8° [E2]. Mercury, then, lord of the sign intercepted in the 10th, was retiring retrograde from nearly the square of Mars, and was combust: but let it be remembered, in sextile of Jupiter. Mercury is in both lord of the house of death, and Mars Lord of the ascendant and sixth, the house of sickness: Mercury is in the present lord of the 11th, viz. of friends, of the treasury, of fifth sisters or brothers, of hopes, of great men, &c. &c. His position at present is opposition to Mars mutually applying in combustion, on the cusp of the 5th [E3], in fall and detriment, no sextile of Jupiter nor of any one else. The cusp of 11th house at that new moon from whence I drew my notices in No. VII, now ascends: that house was afflicted then, as I fully expressed; it is reduplicatively and continuously afflicted now. I say neither blood nor treasure is spared, and there is pilfering as well as squandering in the public chest: the first six degrees of Scorpio have more ARBITRARY power than any part of the zodiac; they ascended on England’s treasure, and now they ascend on England’s people. The last conjunction of Jupiter and Moon was in them.: Saturn lord by exaltation of 12th and posited in the 6th, is lord of the hour of this ingress: Mercury is under the earth, Mars above the earth on the cusp of the 11th: Jupiter has just withdrawn his beams from the eastern horizon or ascendant, and is entering the house of labour and sorrow, but in trine Venus and Moon from 4th, and on the other hand, in little more than seven weeks sustains oppositions from Sun Mercury Saturn and Venus in cardinal and violent signs, and is retrograde to meet THEM ALL.

This return with decision (for the square Mercury and Mars was refrained from in 1788, and afterwards prevented by the sextile Jupiter, as was also the square of Sun and Mars) this return with decision I say, to the positions of 1788, naturally produces reflexion: Before I write MY reflexion, I shall premise, that the mischief is, by a small difference in the position of the signs, transferred from the king, whom in 1788 [1] it threatened, to the aristocracy [2] , while I see nothing to prevent the blow! Sun has given his opposition to Mars already and Mercury succeeds: Venus and Moon follow rapidly and take a quincunx, called a bad aspect by Kepler, in their way and an opposite zodiacal parallel, which Mercury has already touched.

Having premised all that is necessary to point the direction of events, my reflexion is, Luke xiii, 7,8,9. ‘These THREE years I come seeking fruit on this fig-tree and find none; cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground? And he answering said, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about and dung it—and if it bear FRUIT well! And IF NOTafter that (the FOURTH year) THOU SHALT CUT IT DOWN!’ B.