The Conjuror’s Magazine

Writings of, and references to, William Gilbert, or B.


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Volume 1

1 (Aug 1791)

                  No trace of B.

2 (Sep 1791)

42              Announcement of General Essay on Magic

46-8           Remarkable fulfilment of Events notified by the solar eclipse June 4, 1788.

3 (Oct 1791)

77-9           General Essay on Magic

80              Magic – lists of planetary numbers and names
80              Farther astrological remarks on solar eclipse June 4th 1788

4 (Nov 1791)

106            Editorial: re 'author of Remarks on the Solar Eclipse in June 1788'

109-110     Explanation of the Jewish or Planetary Hours

110-111     To the Rev Richard Beere

112           Judgment of the Winter Solstice

124-5         Answer to Query II

126            Questions for Astrologers (Signed "Omega")

5 (Dec 1791)

138            Editorial page: B’s answer to Query I.

142            Magic (cont. from p.80)

144            Astrological notices for January: (Prediction: “The head of Sweden drowned cruelly”.)

153-4         The Augur No IV

6 (Jan 1792) [Printed as ‘Feb’ in error]

170            Editorial. re B’s answer to query upon palmistry

173            Astrological notices for February

175-6         Observations on, and List, of Remarkable Fires in 1791

183            Proposal to make Talismans

183            The Augur No V

 7 (Feb 1792)

204            Editorial: message and announcement from B.

205-9         William Pitt’s Nativity (at request of Editor)

209-10       Astrological Notices for February [sic]

220            Proposal for a Philosophical Society

220-224     Explanation of the number 666.

224            Response to J.P Astro. Philo. re Talismans [signed William Gilbert]

225            Answer to Query III: Verification of a chiromantic prophecy.

[p.334 follows p.233 in numbering error - no pages are missing]

8 (Mar 1792)

336            Editorial page: B explains his erroneous no frost prediction etc.

337-41       Truth and Importance of Astrology

342            Spring Quarter Notification

9 (April 1792)

368            Editorial: messages from B.

369-70       Truth and Importance of Astrology (cont. from p. 341)

370-2         Predictions for April

374            Answer to Astrological Queries in IV Disagreement with WE.

382-3         The Augur VI

389-90       B. to the Public proposing a society

391-2         On Henry Cornelius Agrippa

396            Domestic News: p.144 prediction by B. “fulfilled”. King of Sweden assassinated.

10 (May 1792)

400            Proposals for instructing Pupils in Spiritual Knowledge.

401            Astrology: Spring Quarter

404            W. E. takes up B.'s challenge.

11 (Jun 1792)

432            To Correspondents: “The letters to Mr B. are forwarded as directed”.

435            Mercurius of Bath writes in support of W. E.’s attack on B.

12 (Jul 1792)

464            Editorial: “What is become of Mr B.? Has W. E. touched him too closely?”

465-7         W. E. letter to B naming him as William Gilbert and criticising his faulty astrology.


Volume 2

13 (August 1792)

7-8             W. E. explains that he did not intend Gilbert to be identified in the last issue.

20 (March 1793)

284-5         Hints to Mariners. B. contributes “a new and easy Method of preserving Water sweet in Sea Voyages.”

22 (May 1793)

404-6         Astrological Scraps by our correspondent B.

23 (June 1793)

412            Correspondents. "Our worthy friend B's favour shall be duly noticed in our next".

24 (July 1793)

516-9         French and other Matters. A final rich mix of astrological notes and biographical information.

518            Georgean Planet and Platina. Gilbert on the importance of the new planet Uranus.


E-text editorial aims and practices.


Aims          The e-text prioritises a readable text, rather than to replicate every page as originally printed in the magazine. This means that page breaks and editor's captions have been omitted.
A few obvious printing errors (such as missing end quotation marks) have been silently corrected but only when these are beyond any doubt.
Quotations have always been left as Gilbert wrote them. Translations have been added after the original, and unattributed quotations have been traced where possible. Significant variations with the original are commented on editorially.
Great care has been taken to preserve original spelling, punctuation and especially Gilbert's use of emphases. In ascending order - italics
- SMALL CAPITALS - FULL CAPITALS. Although much of this could be seen as a convention of the time, Gilbert's use of emphases is idiosyncratic and is often a guide to meaning.

Practices   The full source reference by page and number is provided as a heading.
An article serialised in different numbers is shown as a single entity.
Page breaks in the original have been disregarded.
Gilbert's own footnotes are shown at the end of the text referenced by numbers.
Editorial headnotes appear in small font immediately below the Conjuror's Magazine reference heading.
Editorial endnotes are prefixed with an E: [E1] [E2] etc..
Astrological symbols in the original are silently transliterated into text - e.g. Mars for which Gilbert wrote
. This is out of necessity: I have not been able to trace a usable set of astrological glyphs that can be integrated with text.
Square brackets in the text other than the above indicate editorial insertion. This is kept to a minimum.

Vanda Zajko
and Ellen O'Gorman have kindly helped with Latin translation where noted.
esoteric archives, the work of Joseph H. Peterson, and Astrological References and Background have been invaluable for tracing Gilbert's occult sources.