The Conjuror’s Magazine, 1: 7 (February 1792) pp.205-209.


I have undertaken this nativity at the request of the Editor, signified since the publication of the last Number.

There are various ways of astrologically considering a Nativity; but the two principal are by NATURAL and by ARTIFICIAL Astrology. The last contemplates the Heavens in detail; that is, the positions of the signs at the moment of birth, and also the positions and aspects of the planets.

But before I go a word further into the subject, I will premise to Mr PITT, in order to do away any anxious fears on finding his character about to be thus formally developed, that I really see nothing to appear against him.

Natural astrology contemplates the SUN only; but, notwithstanding the manner in which AGRIPPA has asserted the superiority of this last, he not only uses something of the other himself, but it has held its ground in universal practice; and I shall probably make a remark in this Nativity, which will evince, that after allowing the Sun all his monarchy, all his self-possession of the distributed qualities of nature, a scheme of heaven is necessary to shew in what quarter they operate at each particular birth.

I shall now quote Agrippa’s (who was physician to the Emperor Charles V.) description of sun in GEMINIS. And here I shall at once shew the necessity of a scheme of Heaven according to the remark I have just made: for if Sun in GEMINIS infused the same principles into the same recipient, every man born under the same influence, would be identically the same: but, while the principles are the same, a different recipiency makes a different man. Having premised this, take Agrippa’s words from his original Latin.


GEMINI naturâ formosi formosum faciunt et misericordem, sapientem, ingenuum, liberum, jactabundum, cursorem, peregrinum, suarum rerum parum curiosum: quo fiet ut neque dives evadet, neque penuriâ premetur, verum medio modo incedet: ejus tamen fidei, ut ÆRARIO PUBLICO PRÆFICIATUR. Animo HYLARIS, intelligens, astutus, ingeniosus, affabilis, naturâ quadam hominibus gratus, veluti hii qui Venerem habent in radice nativitatis. Pulchrâ quoque facie, pulchris et idoneis artibus imbutus; nempe Mathematicâ (vide Cambridge)  LEGIBUS (vide hîc et ubique) Arithmetica. Is præ cœteris habet insigne, ut cum irascitur, CELARE TAMEN IRAM atque dissimulare potest. Imminebit illi periculum ubi ad annum PERtigerit 32dum, aut ex MORSU CANIS AUT EX IGNE VEL FERRO


Gemini, beautiful by nature, make the subject graceful, compassionate, wise, candid, free, restless, on the move, travelling abroad, paying insufficient care to his affairs: he  will neither become rich nor suffer poverty, rather he will be between these extremes: nevertheless he is trustworthy enough to be AT THE HEAD OF THE PUBLIC TREASURY. CHEERFUL in spirit, intelligent, astute, gifted, affable, of a nature to be somewhat loved by men, like those who have Venus in the radix of their nativity. Also beautiful in appearance, imbued with noble and apposite skills; namely in Mathematics (see Cambridge) LAW (see here and everywhere) Arithmetic. [1]< He holds this primary distinction: that when he is enraged, he can still HIDE HIS ANGER and dissimulate. Danger will threaten when he reaches the age of 32, either from the BITE OF A DOG, OR FROM IRON OR FIRE.]

The Parliamentary repulse to his measures with Russia, just at the completion of his 32nd year, is a striking comment on the last words.

Now, lest natural Astrology, in consequence of the luminous fulfilment of these presages in Mr. Pitt, take away too much praise from artificial, be it remembered, that its success would not be so palpable, did not all the positions of the Stars  coincide with it. For instance, it is said, his popularity will be great—like those who have Venus in the radix of their nativity: —Mr. Pitt has Venus with the Lady of his ascendant, and very strong; —for, together, they dispose mediately or immediately of every other planet in the figure. Secondly—It is said, he shall be at the head of the Public Treasury: —Mr. PITT has Sun exalted on the 11th, which is the house of the government treasure, and has Leo the Sun’s house on his second, which represents his own treasure; and, a circumstance very material, his second is the ascendant of the reigning King. A clinching circumstance, and the most so is (and it is this, which gives him such success at the Treasury) the public Treasury is signified by England’s own ascendant—Whence, in ruling one so naturally, he also rules the other: no person will doubt of the English, (question what other virtue they list)—that ‘where their treasure is, there will their heart be also.’ They force Ministers to buy and sell them, or else starve—for neither their heart nor their head, their approbation not their respect, can be come at through any other channel than money—and yet, this is ready to fail them.

Now take what Cornelius Agrippa says of the angles of the figure.

QUANTUM ad naturalia et omnem fortunam sic in HOROSCOPO Cancer disponit. Hominem efficit acri SUBTILIQUE ingenio quanquam tarduisculum paulo, suavem, placidum, quietum, iracundum, et cum stomacho insectantem malos quosque sed cujus ira citissime placatur; fortem, moderatum, gravem: quibus donis eo promovebitur, UT PUBLICIS QUICUSDAM OFFICIIS PRÆLATUS EX ILLIS ET VICTUM HABEAT. Juxta FIRMICUM, si MEDIUM COELI in piscibus habeat natus, victurus ex humidis et aquosis; quanquam ad tempus ALIUNDE, NON E SUO, ALIMENTA ILLI MINISTRABUNTUR, UNDE ET STIPENDIUM ADSEQUETUR VEL PRINCIPIS CUJUSDAM VEL CIVITATIS. Clementiâ Capricorn in OCCIDENTE notam inuret infamiæ, quam paulo post dilucet post multa diffortunia, facietque restitui hunc in pristinum gradum. Addet et impetum et calcar ad perevestiganda absconsa et archana secretorum, non sine tamen anxietate multâ et labore. Virgo in IMO COELI temporum varietate et INCREMENTO, juxta conditionem incommodorum, sic et abundiantam augebit et fortunam.

[Cancer in the ascendant gives natural attributes and all fortune thus. It forms a man with sharp and SUBTLE [2] mind even if a bit slow, who is pleasant, placid, calm, irascible, with a taste for persecuting each and every bad person, but whose anger passes very quickly; manly, steady, serious: by which gifts he is advanced, TO THE POINT WHERE HE HOLDS PUBLIC OFFICES, THROUGH WHICH HE GAINS HIS LIVELIHOOD.[3] According to FIRMICUS [E1], someone born with the MID-HEAVEN in Pisces will conquer by means of the wet and watery; although at another time SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED TO HIM NOT THROUGH HIMSELF , WHENCE A REWARD WILL FOLLOW EITHER FROM HIS LEADERS OR THE CITIZENS. Capricorn in the WEST will bring slight disgrace which becomes visible a little while later causing much hardship, after which he will be restored to his original position[4]. It will add impetuosity and a spur to searching obscure and hidden mysteries, but not without much trouble and work. Virgo in the IMUM COELI giving changeable times and INCREASE, with a seasoning of trouble, will thus bring both abundance and luck.]

Thus far Agrippa.

Mr. PITT displayed early maturity—Children born on the second day of the moon’s age, grow fast; as may be seen on reference to page 140, No. V of this Magazine.

I shall now proceed to some circumstances, which arise from consideration in Artificial Astrology, or from Aphorisms to be found in the works of those who have treated of the science under its specifications.

It appears on the first views, to be calculated for promotion—and the deeper you investigate, or the farther you pursue your researches, the more elevated, the more solid and permanent does this promotion appear. I have already anticipated some of the indicial marks of his commanding the public treasure. In addition to these, I shall say, 1st , The  Moon, Lady of the Ascendant, is exalted in the 11th.

2dly, she passes the sextile of sun, exalted on the cusp of it, in her way to—[sic: lacuna?]

3dly, The conjunct Venus Lady of the intercepted sign, is in the 11th.

4thly, She and Venus dispose of Mars, Lord of the 11th , with reception and applying sextile

5thly, They dispose of Mercury, who is Sun’s dispositor.

6thly, The Lord of the 11th, Mars is in the 11th.

7thly, Mars applies by Trine to Jupiter, exalted in the Ascendant, and conveniently placed in the 7th.

8thly, Saturn collects benevolently the rays of Jupiter and Venus, and surrenders them by a Trine aspect to Venus and Moon from the cusp of the 10th.

9thly, Mercury in the 11th, disposed by Moon and Venus Lady by exaltation of the 10th , moves by retrogradation to the Trine Jupiter and Conjunct Mars [5]

10thly, Sun Moon Venus Dragon’s Head in the 12th.

If all these be not sufficient to drive him into the Treasury, and nail him down, I do not know what will. And I am certain, that a mind so active and reflective as Mr. Pitt’s, must often be lost in astonishment, when he feels, perceives, and enumerates the implicated chain of causes and COMPLEX ORDER, which in spite of every alarm, fixes him firm, and more firm, in the government of England. Whether it be private cabal, whether it be open attack, whether it be violent, whether it be polished—still he remains ab omni parteTHESAURIUS PUBLICUS.

With respect to other matters, we shall find the prognostic of danger, by fire or steel, caused by Sun in Gemini, more explained by the lesser Dog Star on the Ascendant; for ‘he employs the native in martial affairs, and denotes danger unto him therefore.’ This Star would also give a loose to pleasure and intrigue, to which indeed there are many other impulses, but this inclination is dignified by the strength of the indicators; so firm indeed is Mr. PITT, that he has preferred sustaining from the ignorant a contrary jest. But I am certain he is fond of women as well as wine; but they will never injure him, and though they may produce light fears and anxieties, they are too well designed to hurt. This Star also subjects him to great cavilling in both his public and private accounts, interrupts his studies, subjects him to domestic spoliation, and inclines him to seize on things with a strong hand. LILLY, page 666.

What I have said, that the strength of his significators prevents the debilitations of debauchery, is grounded on a rule, to be found in every author, that strong and benevolent planets in the 12th, help instead of injuring.

The Moon, as Lilly agrees with Cardan , in aspect with many planets, renders a man famous; and here she aspects all the planets, including [Uranus], before she quits her sign:—with Dragon’s Head  she gives early preferment, encreases fortune with honour, and confers tranquillity of mind, with health of body. LILLY, page 699.

‘All planets above the earth make a man illustrious far and near, and, if swift in motion, render him nimble and dexterous in the dispatch of business.’ CARDAN, Segment 1. Aph.40. and GADBURY. But we may recollect, that Agrippa ascribes to Cancer a little slowness—another general prognostic confirmed by particular situations; for Moon is very slow in course, and applies to a semi square Mercury, who meets it by retrogradation. The effect of all this is, that the first object, which presents itself to Mr. Pitt in every scheme, is its difficulties; but he suddenly passes and explains these, then steadily moves to the completion of his purpose though with encreasing slowness. But the conclusion is seldom what he designs—but yet it is better, and pleases him better. The difficulties and the end, I repeat, are what arrest him immediately. However, the real end is commonly a collection of friends, a good dinner and a good bottle.

Astrologers have all agreed in abusing Saturn on the M.C. but they have not all, with GUIDO BONATUS, remembered, that Venus ameliorates al his injuries to honor; and if ever, I am sure she must do it most effectually on this subject. I will only mark one notorious instance—the nature of the Opposition which he receives in Parliament. Saturn particularly signifies his open enemies, together with all their actions, connexions, and final resolves. The saturnine regard, softened by the venereal mildness and liberality with which he is commonly treated by Mr. Fox, are equally conspicuous, and give equal pleasure to all those minds who have really any generosity unexpunged from their heart. This, it must be observed, confirms another of the general prognostics of the figure, Capricorn in 7th. Add to this, that from the position of Saturn, he never meets the assaults till the first vehemence is over; and the whole gradually dissipates, from a happy combination of succeeding events.

Some persons may think parts of the last preceding remarks hardly applicable to the whole of Mr. PITT’s public conduct; but let them recollect, that the whole of what appears to be Mr. PITT’s is hardly his own. Notwithstanding HIS VIRTUES AND TALENTS, THERE IS A SCOUNDREL AND A PERSON WHO HAS FORFEITED EVERY PRETENCE TO THE CHARACTER OF A GENTLEMAN IN OSTENSIBLE PLACES ABOUT GEORGE THE THIRD.—Such a body of impurities may perhaps sometimes appear to defile the stream. The identical people to whom I allude, are the DUKE of RICHMOND, no longer Aubigny, and Sir GEORGE YONGE.[6]

‘Eminent fixt stars on the Angles of a Nativity, chiefly M.C. and Horoscope, declare eminent persons, such as I shall make the world admire them, if the Planets therein do but moderately assist.’ The Twins with Procyon are on the cusp of the Ascendant. The latter I have noticed already. The first with Moon, give pride, boldness, imperiousness, power; authoritative to wife or mistresses; but the conjunct Venus and Dragon’s Head soften this last.

The part of Fortune in Square Mars, confirms the prognostic of thievish servants, yet he is well served.

‘He that hath many Planets in reception, or beholding each other by a good aspect,  cannot fail of having many friends.’ GADBURY.—This rule applies; especially as they are from the 11th House. In short, all the testimonies which concur in placing him at the Treasury, also tell in making him friends. So, as he values the friendship of mankind, I would not advise him to quit the Treasury. In 1783 or 4, his ascendant came by direction to the King’s, which established him in power at that period, and to his own 2d [House], which encreased his goods and moveables. LILLY, &c.

‘He who hath Saturn Lord of the 7th, never marrieth till he is past thirty years of age,’ GADBURY; unless strong testimonies occur to the contrary.

I can make no doubt of Mr. PITT’s having had an honourable attachment ever since he has been seated in his place. He has not gratified himself consistently with his honour; but I advise him never to relinquish the marriage he has in view. It is impossible but he must ultimately succeed. It may be between nine and ten years from his forming the plan before he finally succeeds.

On the whole, he is singularly fortunate, who is able to take the fruit of Power with the bloom of commencing Fame, and probably with that also of commencing Love—

Untwisting all the chains that tye
The hidden soul of Harmony

Saturday, Feb 4th, 2.

N. B. I may at some future time speak of Mr PITT’s Nativity as a public æra.