The Conjuror’s Magazine, 1: 10 (May 1792) p. 400.

Proposals for instructing Pupils in Spiritual Knowledge, including a Plan for commencing Societies or Colleges for receiving instruction.

Mr. WILLIAM GILBERT will teach Astrology and Spirit, with the nature and use of Talismans, on the following scheme:

First Class of Pupils.—One hundred and fifty pounds per annum; or, one hundred guineas down.

Second Class.—Eighty pounds per annum; or; sixty guineas down.

Third Class.—Sixty pounds per annum; or, forty guineas down.

The lowest.—Twenty pounds per annum; or, fifteen guineas down. ——In all, the first quarter to be advanced.

The instruction, to be epistolary and personal, according to circumstances: and, if personal, either at the Pupil's own house, or at Mr. GILBERT’S; who, as soon as 200l. are subscribed, will provide a proper place to receive Pupils either publicly or privately, as may best please: if epistolary, the Pupil must free the postage.

Each Pupil ought to understand the elements of Astronomy.

As there are many excellent treatises in the Latin tongue on Astrology and Magic, Mr. Gilbert will also instruct any Lady in that language, in order to promote her better knowledge of Spirit and Astrology, at such moderate advance as her particular circumstances may render convenient to her.

Societies.—To accommodate the lowest class, Mr. GILBERT will instruct any number of persons from three to twelve, at ten guineas each per annum, and above that number indefinitely at only five guineas per head, for all those who are added to the original twelve; or, he will take any number above three at six guineas down each. N. B. Those persons must actually meet regularly in society, and their names and nativities must be given to Mr. GILBERT.

Talismans. —Talismans will be charged to the lowest class at only ONE guinea; to the third at TEN guineas; to the second at TWENTY guineas to the first at FORTY guineas, exclusive of the cost of materials and construction, for which the tradesmen’s bills shall be presented.

No Talismans will for the future be made for any but Pupils, and I will stop the operation of all but those which are made through my direction, or by myself.