The Conjuror’s Magazine, 1: 7 (February 1792) p.220.



I HAVE, for a considerable time, had it in contemplation to establish a WEEKLY LECTURE OR CONVERSAZIONI for the occult sciences and true philosophy; but the want of a proper basis in the public mind has delayed it.

I would indeed establish two societies—one more open, the other more consolidated: the last should be of renovated, purified and invigorated Free Masonry, from which I will not exclude women: the first for Noviciates. Perhaps there are few quite ripe for the last; but the first may, I conceive, be speedily established. Only let a sufficient number of persons of both sexes send in their names, and engage to support it, and I will immediately make the arrangements—their labour will not be lost, and matter is inexhaustible—Stock must ever rise in these funds. I recommend it earnestly to all, and religiously.

I say lecture or conversation, because I would meet all occasions. I am ready to take the amusement of the company on myself by a lecture, if conversation be not supplied—I am also ready to surrender the lecture to conversation.

The subscription must be liberal, as the gradual providing of a library is desirable: but the scheme will gradually enlarge. However, this point can be settled on a meeting of the subscribers. I have in my eye the schools of philosophy in Greece. Mr LOCKE will keep a book for subscribers.